socketSelect: Wait on Socket Connections

socketSelectR Documentation

Wait on Socket Connections


Waits for the first of several socket connections and server sockets to become available.


socketSelect(socklist, write = FALSE, timeout = NULL)



list of open socket connections and server sockets.


logical. If TRUE wait for corresponding socket to become available for writing; otherwise wait for it to become available for reading or for accepting an incoming connection (server sockets).


numeric or NULL. Time in seconds to wait for a socket to become available; NULL means wait indefinitely.


The values in write are recycled if necessary to make up a logical vector the same length as socklist. Socket connections can appear more than once in socklist; this can be useful if you want to determine whether a socket is available for reading or writing.


Logical the same length as socklist indicating whether the corresponding socket connection is available for output or input, depending on the corresponding value of write. Server sockets can only become available for input.


## Not run: 
## test whether socket connection s is available for writing or reading
socketSelect(list(s, s), c(TRUE, FALSE), timeout = 0)

## End(Not run)