memlimits: Query and Set Heap Size Limits

memlimitsR Documentation

Query and Set Heap Size Limits


Query and set the maximal size of the vector heap and the maximal number of heap nodes for the current R process.


mem.maxVSize(vsize = 0)
mem.maxNSize(nsize = 0)



numeric; new size limit in Mb.


numeric; new maximal node number.


New Limits lower than current usage are ignored. Specifying a size of Inf sets the limit to the maximal possible value for the platform.

The default maximal values are unlimited on most platforms, but can be adjusted using environment variables as described in Memory. On macOS a lower default vector heap limit is used to protect against the R process being killed when macOS over-commits memory.

Adjusting the maximal number of nodes is rarely necessary. Adjusting the vector heap size limit can be useful on macOS in particular but should be done with caution.


The current or new value, in Mb for mem.maxVSize. Inf is returned if the current value is unlimited.

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