conflicts: Search for Masked Objects on the Search Path

conflictsR Documentation

Search for Masked Objects on the Search Path


conflicts reports on objects that exist with the same name in two or more places on the search path, usually because an object in the user's workspace or a package is masking a system object of the same name. This helps discover unintentional masking.


conflicts(where = search(), detail = FALSE)



A subset of the search path, by default the whole search path.


If TRUE, give the masked or masking functions for all members of the search path.


If detail = FALSE, a character vector of masked objects. If detail = TRUE, a list of character vectors giving the masked or masking objects in that member of the search path. Empty vectors are omitted.


lm <- 1:3
conflicts(, TRUE)
## gives something like
# $.GlobalEnv
# [1] "lm"
# $package:base
# [1] "lm"

## Remove things from your "workspace" that mask others:
remove(list = conflicts(detail = TRUE)$.GlobalEnv)